• We managed to persuade Alcove to release the residents’ funds i.e. CAM deposits which were being held by developers. This allowed us to ensure uninterrupted services for the community. Our ongoing negotiations with Alcove are aimed at further enhancing the well-being of the society.
  • Our efforts to find a permanent solution for regular domestic garbage disposal involve engaging with Alcove and the Municipality. For a proper compliance of Municipality Rules the garbage segregation at the unit level is compulsory. The Chairman of the Serampore Municipality, the local Councilor and the Sanitary Inspector requested us several times for strict implementation of the same. We urge all residents to cooperate fully with the segregation process to maintain a healthy environment and safety. Segregation of garbage by all flat owners is mandatory and will not be lifted by the Housekeeping team on and from Sunday i.e. 23rd July 2023. Littering of garbage on and from 23rd July 2023 will be penalized.  
  • In the meantime, the Municipality has responded positively to our request, granting us the use of municipal vehicles for a one-time exception to clear accumulated unsegregated garbage. The lifting of accumulated garbage has started on 20th July 2023 and will be completed within 2 to three more days.
  • A more effective alarm system will be promptly installed in the lifts, as it has been observed that the current system is inadequate and not audible from a short distance. This upgrade aims to enhance the safety and responsiveness of the lift alarms for the residents’ benefit.
  • The water leakage issue from podium garden areas at the parking level has been successfully addressed after a strong persuasion and currently the work by the developer is going on.

  • The restaurant kitchen exhaust, which was causing noise pollution and inconvenience to some residents, has been successfully relocated to an isolated area to address health hazards.
  • To ensure health and environmental safety, all underground reservoirs have been thoroughly cleaned and maintained.
  • Regular fogging and pest control measures have been implemented to prevent mosquito breeding within our community.