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Prayag Association Of Apartment Owners

Welcome to the website of the Prayag Association of Apartment Owners (PAAO). PAAO is an association established on June 19, 2022, in accordance with the West Bengal Apartment Ownership Act 1972 readwith West Bengal Apartment Ownership Bye-law 2022.

Prayag New Kolkata is Eastern India’s one of the tallest township and a magnificent riverfront complex that brings the Ganges right outside your window.

Our primary goal is to create and promote an enjoyable social life within New Kolkata Prayag complex for 1200+ families.

The main functions of our association are centered around the maintenance, repair, and management of the common areas and facilities of the property. PAAO collect funds to ensure proper upkeep of the society while maintaining transparent and accurate accounts. Additionally, the association is empowered to undertake any other administrative tasks in accordance with the Act and the bye-laws.

To facilitate the efficient management of the association, a Board consisting of a maximum of 48 members has been established. These members elect various office bearers, including the President, Secretary, Treasurer, and other managerial positions. The First Board meeting took place on August 28, 2022, marking the beginning of our association’s functioning.

Our association aims to create a strong forum where all queries and grievances can be addressed and taken up with relevant authorities including the developer, for prompt resolution. We are committed to assist our members at every step.

Our ultimate objective is to minimize the challenges of moving to a new place and maximize the benefits of constructive collaboration through information sharing among fellow owners.

Above all, we strives to create an enjoyable living environment by fostering friendship and brotherhood among flat owners. We believe in building a close-knit community where residents can form lasting bonds and share memorable experiences.

This website is our humble beginning to provide a platform for future residents to collaborate on every aspect. Here, you will find information about our various initiatives undertaken for the benefit of our members.

We encourage all residents to actively engage with this platform and contribute to the growth and development of our community.  We look forward to building a vibrant and inclusive community together.